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Required Text - Geodesy for Geomatics and GIS Professionals, 2nd ed., by J.A. Elithorp, Jr., and D.D. Findorff, ISBN 978-1-58152-658-5, available from XanEdu.com

Turn in assignments via the course Moodle Site

1 - Sept. 7 Overview, Course Mechanics, read Chapter 1

Lecture slides, Example Traverse Calculations

Plane trig. formulas,
Very basic trig review - Kahn video, long-winded, but good if you're rusty,
Radians and degrees video - as above
Radians to degrees, from Mathbff - as above

Plane surveying calculations: spreadsheet
2 - Sept. 14 Spherical Geometry, read Chapters 2 & 3

Lecture slides

 Spherical Geometry, Video 1 Great Circle calculation homework
3 - Sept. 21 Ellipsoidal Geometry, read Chapter 5

 Lecture slides

  Geographic to 3D Cartesian homework
4 - Sept. 28 2D and 3D Coordinate Transformation, read Chapter 7 Lecture slides A perspective on the need for coordinate transformations - Tom Scott on different latitude/longitude systems 2D and 3D transformation homework 
5 - Oct. 5 Conversion Between Ellipdoid Models, read Snay papers  Lecture slides Snay TRF1, Snay TRF2, Snay TRF3, Snay TRF4, Snay ITRF2000 to NAD83 Homework - Horizontal Datum Shifts, only do parts 1 & 2
6 - Oct. 12 Datum Transformation Applications, Geodesy and GPS, Read Chapter 12 Slides continued from last week Snay NAD83 Evolution,  NOAA video 4 Homework, horizontal datum shifts, do parts 3 & 4 from last week
7 - Oct. 19 Basic Map Projections

Lecture slide 

PB, excerpt from Chapter 3 Homework, Basic Projections
8 - Oct. 26

Projections and Datum Transformations in ArcMap

UTM, State Plane, and County Coordinate System

Lecture Slides, Projections in ArcMap,

Lecture slides, UTM Projections

Lecture slides, State Plane Projections in Minnesota

Excerpt Chapter 3, same as last week

Projections and Datum Transformations when using ArcMap

MN data used in description above, as a compressed file

Homework - Datum Transformations, Projecting UTM and State Plane coordinates for Minnesota

Projections in ArcMap:
-Project to a New File
-Data Frame Projection
-On the Fly Projection via Data Frame
Vids specific to the homework:
-UTM 14/15/16

9 - Nov. 2  Leveling Lecture Slides Meyers Height 1Meyers Height 2  Homework - NGS gravity tool (2017 students don't do)
10 - Nov. 9 The Earth's Gravity Field, read Chapter 4, & Meyers papers  Lecture slides Meyers height 3Meyers height 4, NOAA videos 123  Homework - VDatum
11 - Nov. 16 Local Mean Sea Level Datums, and the International Great Lakes Datum of 1985 Lecture slides

NOAA Water Level Measurement Stations,
NOAA VDatum conversion tool
IGLD85 NOAA webpage
IGLD 85/NAVD88 Conversion Tool

12-Nov. 23 No class, Thanksgiving Thanksgiving, class doesn't meet    
13-Nov. 30 Where we are, Geoid modernization and impacts on horizontal and vertical datums Lecture slides Replacing the NAVD88, NGS Webpage   
14 - 
Dec. 7

Images, coordinate matching, transformations

  Lecture slides  Excerpt, Transformation, Chapter 4, PB  Homework - coordinate transformation, old photos
15- Dec. 14 Study days, no class, no final