ESPM 5031


Course Mechanics

Watch This 1st, a "get started" video; documents used in video are below
Getting Started with Citrix/CFANS Cloud Desktop
Using Citrix/CFANS CFANS Cloud Desktop
Using ArcGIS Pro important notes
Screenshots-Login into ArcGIS  Pro start "generic example Lab.
VPN Access from Home  without Citrix/CFANS Cloud Desktop

Materials, Organized Chronologically

Week/Dates  Classroom Field/Lab
Week 1 -  1/16/23

No class due to holiday missing Monday

Week 2 -  1/23/23      

 Course Introduction and GPS/GNSS basics

Compass, formats, & ArcGIS/GPS exercise; Homework 1 (due after Week 3), Geocaching (on-going)
(Intro GIS-LAB “Independent Study” if needed)

Graduate Student Project

Week 3  - 1/30/23 GPS basics continued, coordinates, projection & datum (Garmin Lab) Rec/Grade lab practice and collect points, start on-going practice estimating verifying distance and Area
Week 4 -  2/6/23  Map Reading, GPS & Maps (Garmin Lab) DNR Software ,NAV exercise,  Tracks/Points collect and transfer exercise  
Week 5 -  2/13/23 Differential GPS Concepts (Garmin Lab) Recreation /GIS Grade Accuracy Control Exercise; 
Week 6-  2/20/23 GIS Grade Equipment basics (Trimble equipment) GIS/Grade Lab Practice and collect points, lines and polygons.  2nd Homework   (Home control points; due Week 11)
Week 7 -  2/27/23

GIS/Grade Software (Trimble Juno Lab)

 Transfer data and differential correction
Week 9 - 3/13/23

Data Dictionaries
(Trimble equipment)

Create & use data dictionaries - Trimble
Week 10 -  3/20/23


Field accuracy lab
Week 11 - 3/27/23

High accuracy GPS (GCP) UAS Ground Control Points - Basics & Practice (Trimble)

Design & implement GCPs; includes geotagging & UAS processing
Week 12 - 4/3/23 Test - Classroom Field Test
Week 13 - 4/10/23 Field Data Form Design &Collection
/ArcGIS Collect
Field Data Form Design & Collection/ Open Data Kit (ODK) Lab
Week 14 -  4/17/23

Field Data Form Design Trimble Terraflex

Field Data Form Design &Collection/Trimble Terraflex
Week 15 -  4/24/22

Field Data Form Design & Collection/ Open Data Kit (ODK) Lab

Create & deploy data collection form (ODK)
Week 16 -  5/1/23

Final Project due (before

Use Terrasync, Field Maps, ODK, your choice for FInal Project
Week 17 - 5/8/23
Finals Week
Graduate Project due